About Woodwalk Gallery

Woodwalk Gallery Door County Gallery & Wedding Venue

Our Journey to Woodwalk Gallery started 3 years ago by accident! We continually look for ways to enhance the expereince here for all of our guests, whether it be a unique artist, special wedding decor, new additions to our landscaping and more. For us, every day is a new adventure and we look forward to what each season will bring.

Thank you for visiting,

Andrew & Jillaine

Woodwalk Gallery owners Andrew and Jillaine

Meet The Owners

Andrew Seefeldt: manager/owner

Andrew has extensive experience in management and maintenance coming from 27 years at Kohler Co. He brings his creative flair to Woodwalk via his landscaping business which will get put to good use in the coming years! He grew up on a farm and brings his love of agriculture and knowledge of equipment to work at Woodwalk as well as being a long time ATV racer. He is also involved in Open Door Bird Sanctuary in Jacksonport as a Raptor Educator and construction volunteer extraordinaire. He shares the general upkeep and creative vision for Woodwalk with his wife, Jillaine Burton Seefeldt.

Jillaine Burton Seefeldt: manager/owner

Jillaine Burton manages the day to day operations of Woodwalk Gallery.  She has extensive experience in management, marketing, sales and events and The Arts.  She started as a Professional Ballet Dancer, moved in the Fashion Industry and then into Residential Remodeling, finishing up at Kohler Co.. Currently along with Woodwalk Gallery, she designs and facilitates interior renovation projects. She helped found Open Door Bird Sanctuary in Jacksonport and is both a board member and volunteer. She shares the general upkeep, and creative vision for Woodwalk with her husband Andrew Seefeldt.