Tracy Anderson

I have a deep ingrained love of nature that I attribute to growing up in the forests of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I’m enchanted by the woods and the Earth’s wild places and all things nature oriented.  I love creatures, domestic and wild, big and small.  I share my life with many animals and help as many wild ones as I can through volunteering at a raptor and wildlife rehabilitation center.  It is my hope to share my experiences through my artwork.

I started taking oil painting lessons when I was 11 years old, and art and the creative process bloomed into a passion of mine. I continued to take oil painting lessons through my teenage years, took art classes in high school, and graduated from NMU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Design.  My primary medium is Alkyd oils, a fast drying oil paint. However, I love trying new things and experimenting.  Quite often my experiments with trying new mediums turned out rather well, and I’ve developed a wide range of mediums that I’m excited about and skilled at using.  I’m self-taught in my scratchboard and encaustic art, two widely different mediums.  I find the looser more free flowing characteristics of encaustic art allows me to take a break from my highly detailed and meticulous scratchboard art and realistic paintings while still allowing me to create.

While nature and animals are my main sources of inspiration, I am continually inspired by all that I see.  Color inspires me as well as light, shapes, form and texture.  Often times I feel like I’m overwhelmed by the amount of inspiration and stimulation that I see on a daily basis and the amount of ideas that form in my mind for paintings and projects.  I hope to see all, or as many of these ideas as I can, through to completion.  I wish, through my use and skill of my chosen medium, I can create art that is pleasing to the eyes, uplifts the emotions, and stirs the soul.