Terra Paulsen-Chmielewski

Terra began at a very young age expressing herself creatively through art. She studied art in high school and art education in college. She has always been attracted to forms of art that have allowed creative self-expression.

Terra gained enough courage and ambition to open her studio, The Creative Corner, to the community and offer art lessons. After opening the studio, there was an underlying passion that Terra wanted to satisfy. The need always tugged at her when her classroom or studio students asked, “What is your specialty? What do you enjoy doing the most?” Terra’s answer was always very generic, “I studied everything in college so I could be a well-rounded art instructor to help my students achieve their personal best.” Terra has made a personal commitment to herself to find what she truly enjoys doing, not just instructing the creative process.

As an adult in our society, we often forget about our dreams and inspirations. Our dreams are pushed aside with our everyday adult responsibilities. Terra has been fortunate through the youthful and uninhibited wisdom of her young daughter to wipe away the dust from her imagination and to dream without our society deeming it unworthy. It is in this dreaming that Terra finds her inner artist. She has believed in three little words; inspiration is everything. Terra hopes her work will let others understand and enjoy the artistic journey she has imagined, dreamed and created. In all the things that Terra does, the basic component is curiosity and a quest for creative expression. The source of her inspiration has evolved from her imagination and what she would like displayed in her own home. She has always been drawn to color and all facets of interior design.