Stephanie Thwaites

I find inspiration in nature — the freedom of its organic shapes, the endless variation of colors, the ever-changing light. But I am also drawn to architectural and geometric forms — their order, structure, and alignment. My work is often about seeking balance and harmony between these two influences. From representational to abstract, I strive to create dynamic space that is intricate and layered, but still grounded. I hope the work invites exploration — a path emerging for the viewer to look, and then look again more closely, traveling into the depth of the painting.

My painting process is also an emerging path. I often do not have a fixed vision of my destination when I begin. Instead, I enjoy working intuitively and responsively, one step leading to the next, exploring different techniques and materials to uncover something unseen or unexpected.

I paint with oil and cold wax because they complement my love of rich texture and impart a lovely translucent quality and matte finish.