Sonji Hunt

I am a Formalist. Movement, color and texture are of the utmost importance to me.  My giant, iconic leaves and pods travel through environments and situations conveying visual dialogues.  My bundles add structure and contain the energy of all living things in their wrapped contents. I have always viewed my everyday physical surroundings and experiences through fragmented lenses. Then, I deconstruct and reassemble it all into something else. The shapes tell a story.

Technically, I use direct painting techniques with acrylic, fabric paints and dyes in order to create one-of-a-kind fabrics. My respect for traditional quilting, hand embroidery and sewing along with the contemporary method of fusing comprise the structural foundation of each work. When composing a piece, I think of it primarily in a two-dimensional picture plane and then apply the appropriate methodology to build it.

I work with fabric because it is such an approachable medium.  It is incorporated into every aspect of our lives and the expectations people bring to experiencing a work of art made out of fabric are vast…both visceral and intellectual.