Sandra McCutcheon-Pape

I am a visual expressionist self-taught artist.  I have been making art for over thirty years. My former life included teaching Kindergarten, being a mother of three, and self-employed owner of a quilt shop as well as helping my husband restore buildings in Cedarburg.

I started my art career making collages, assemblages and then painting.  I am currently focusing on my paintings and mixed media collages.

I paint with acrylic on textured black paper, canvas or hardwood. Images of women are a reoccurring theme for me. Being a self-taught artist, I work with few restrictions.  Chance is a positive force for me. My work has many layers and meanings, often the visual connections are unexpected with an element of surprise and mystery, even to me.  As an artist I create visual stories, my hope is that the viewer can connect and make their own story. My art has become an important part of my life, a passion that I cannot imagine living without. I am fortunate to have a studio in Cedarburg where I live and where art and artists matter.