Sally Everhardus

In Kindergarten, I was going to illustrate the books my friend Susan would write. Since putting myself through university as an illustrator and graphic designer, I have amassed piles of drawings, notebooks full of ideas, stashes of “stuff” for 3D constructions and developed a passion for pins, which I call visual amuses bouches. Wearable art adds color, starts conversations and can be very humorous. Some are realistic and “correct,” some are pure fantasy, all are done by hand, finished with care and have been known to survive the washing machine.

I am stimulated by my environment and have a wide-ranging curiosity. By experimenting with a variety of mediums to make my thoughts visible to others, I can confront eclectic themes with serious humor. Ways of interpretation, communication, and my own insecurities are explored through the art I do.

Exhibitions include various sites in Door County, at the J.M. Kohler and Appleton (now Trout) Art Centers, Jack Richeson Gallery and the annual Door Prize for Portraiture. The “Screaming Turtle” exhibited during the 2014 “EGGstravaganza” in Egg Harbor, WI won the People’s Choice Award. “Stegg,” was commissioned by the Village of Egg Harbor for permanent installation outside the Bertschinger Center.