Roger Van Boxtel

Roger and his wife enjoyed visiting Maui often and it is there that he came upon the art of schrimshawing. The folk-art of etching figures and scenes on ivory and bones came to be in the 1800’s during the whaling era; it was revived in the 1960’s by President Kennedy’s passion for collecting antique scrimshaw.  Originally his schrim’s were done on ivory piano keys, but due to government regulation and customer resistance to ivory, he switched to plastic piano keys and was pleased with the outcome and being able to help with upcycling of a used item.  The subject of his work is what he finds appealing and unique in beautiful areas….flowers, churches, butterflies and insects, historical locations, bridges, light houses and waterways to name a few.  He enjoys the uniqueness of the keys as a background and the varying widths of his lines.  He adds color via oil paints and mats and frames his own work.