Robert Gehrke

Making art is entering a realm of unexpected discovery where images and objects transcend their literal meanings. Most of my work is inspired by the landscape – rural, urban and imagined. While I sometimes work in series I like to explore new directions, searching for archetypes or metaphors that convey something of the rhythms and patterns of life such as the contrast of calm and chaos, deep space contrasted with closely examined detail and the suggestion of infinite progression. 

Process and technical issues are challenges I find enthralling and keep me moving across mediums. I love the flow of paint on a surface, filling a mold with resin or bronze and the thrill of cutting into a piece of wood or resin as it spins on my lathe.

Bob Gehrke is a full time artist working in painting, sculpture and crafts. He has a BFA from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and MFA from the University of Cincinnati.  He operated his own brass and bronze foundry for many years but moved on to other mediums and has created several private and public art commissions.