Mynn Lanphier

Although I have experimented with a variety of media as a teacher and student of the visual arts, I always return to the basics of drawing, using pencil and colored pencil.  I appreciate the efficiency and accuracy that pencils allow in realistic rendering – a skill I worked to develop after art training in college that emphasized abstract and conceptual expressions.  My very first job out of school was working as a Courtroom Artist for television, which forced me to hone my skills of perception and representation.

I have always been fascinated by the interpretation that occurs as representational art is created through the personal lens and individual style of each artist.  It is a reporting of reality that reveals subtle variations emerging from one’s experience, history, tastes, and personal perception.  Subject matter is also very personal;  I enjoy portraiture, figure studies, and natural forms, mainly working from my own or vintage photographs.

My drawings are a form of meditation: I love becoming absorbed in the process, and letting an intuitive aesthetic subconsciously inform the visual elements of a piece.

I don’t think I will ever get too old to keep dabbling with new materials and styles (The Peninsula School of Art is my continual source for inspiration and instruction) – but I will always find joy in keeping a sketchbook and using pencils to record my surroundings.