Michael Harper

I am inspired by the beauty, awe and wonder of nature.  The moon rising over a lake, the setting sun coloring the sky, a seedling rising up and burrowing deep, the positive and negative shapes of the human form, the ever-changing movement of water from placid shimmering to enraged storming.  I seek to capture movement, pattern and the spirit of Being and of Becoming. 

My preferred medium is wood though I also work in stone and metal, as well as 2D multi-media.  Wood encourages exploring what is hidden within, creating highly polished surfaces while capturing and contrasting the natural variations in density, color and pattern. 

Much of my art begins with an idea, a drawing, but emerges during execution as I respond to the uniqueness of the material.   I am less interested in creating an identifiable object or known place, attempting instead to articulate universal archetypes, or semblance of the familiar.  Observers are encouraged to find their own meaning in my work and, if I’m successful, their own awe and wonder.