M. Virginia Epps

Childhood years in eastern Kansas where the deciduous woodlands overlook the tall grass prairie developed Virginia Epps’ deep commitment to the wealth and health of the environment.  This commitment served as the impetus for her career, academic, and classroom practice decisions.  She devoted many years to teaching middle and high school science before taking what was intended to be a year out of the classroom to complete the course work needed to add an endorsement in visual arts to her teaching license.  That year extended into the time needed to complete a graduate degree in Visual Arts Design at The University of Kansas.  

Immediate practical considerations returned her to the high school classrooms in science and visual arts.  During this time she participated in summer science education workshops offered by the university.  These summer workshops led to night school classes and eventually entering the graduate program in science education.  In 1991, Dr. Epps accepted a position at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in elementary and secondary science education.  The year 2007 brought retirement from the university and pleasurable return to visual arts in her home studio.  She uses her studio time to explore the interactions of various scrap papers, paper products such as mat board, and dry plant materials to make collages and low level reliefs. 

She participates in the Museum of Wisconsin Art, the Wisconsin Regional Arts Association, the Wisconsin Regional Arts Program, and the Whitewater Arts Alliance.  She has exhibited and received awards for her collages, reliefs, and mat board sculpture at the state WRAA exhibit. She regularly exhibits her work at the Whitewater Arts Alliance.  Currently the Woodwalk Gallery represents her and exhibits her collages and reliefs.