Lynn Schoenecker

The silkscreening technique I use mirrors the layers and weight of the earthy plant textures of my mid-western prairies and woodlands, which comprise a body of work I have been exploring for the last twenty years. After years of drawing and painting, I’ve found silkscreening plays off my background in design while giving me a richness of color and surface quality that goes beyond paint, yet echoes the fluid flexibility of paint – a vital quality for the inherent movement in my work.

I use a traditional silkscreen process, meticulously building up 20 to 100 layers of color, one pull at a time – from transparent to opaque to the shimmer of iridescent inks – as I interweave the background and core images of a piece with alternating textures of photography, drawing and surface painting. Ideas come alive from personal experiences in my own native garden…as I walk down a path and into a single breath taking moment of native beauty.