Joe Messicci

I have always been intrigued and captivated by images.  My earliest efforts at drawing and painting, however, met with little encouragement from my grade school teachers. High school offered no art classes, but I took the opportunity to do photography for the high school and, later college, newspaper and yearbook.  I had begun making photographs with a box camera in 1957, and did my first darkroom work in 1960.  I found great joy in the ‘magic’ of an image  — negative or positive — appearing out of nowhere but needing study and work to bring forth its potential.  I learned through reading books and magazine articles and by experimenting with my own work. My parents were very supportive, allowing and helping me to build a ’convertible’ darkroom in a very small basement bathroom.

My career as an industrial psychologist and management educator and, later, my 10-year ownership of a giclee¢ studio allowed me little time for personal art work.  I developed a fuller appreciation of fine art forms other than photography, especially abstractions, through my artist friends, my watercolor and pastel teachers, and those artists for whom I made reproductions.  I find great satisfaction now in my ’camera-less’ photography: the merging of intuitive and chemical magic, the joy of serendipitous compositions, and the expanding range of viewer experiences and interpretations to which I am treated. 

I hope you find as much delight living with these works as I had in creating them for you.