Jeanne Nikolai Olivieri

The buzzing sound of cicadas that echoed in my ears as a child was the beginning of a certain fascination. I believed the sound was generated by the power lines that divided the sky above me, sure that they were passing along some urgent message. Assigning life to inanimate wires became part of my everyday play. That fascination persists as I continue to study and paint the tangled webs of wires that decorate the sky, forming patterns and shapes. The monoliths supporting the wires develop personalities: they are powerful, strong connectors, or weakened elderly leaners. bridge cables and supports of any kind attract my eye. I enjoy painting telephone poles with abstract designs, perhaps in nostalgia for my early years in Chippewa Falls where my imagination was so free.

My work does not neglect nature, as I often paint landscapes and florals with equal delight, celebrating my connection to our earth. I feel a need to balance between nature and progress!

I work in multiple mediums, including acrylics, watercolors, collage, ink and gouache, responding to a continuous need to explore. Whatever the medium, I use vivid pigments, and paint with discipline, abandon, spontaneity and precision, depending on my feelings and surroundings.