Jan Jahnke

My paintings are not renderings, but intuitive interpretations of nature. My approach is spontaneous and open to elements of controlled chance. There are no shortcuts to achieving textures and rich surface qualities. I apply and edit layer after layer of paint and mixed media only to scrape away and reapply again. Acrylic paint, ink, crayon, pencil and glazes are used in the process until the piece feels resolved yet maintains a sense of mystery.

I enjoy exploring the questions without needing to have the answers. I don’t know why rock formations or tree patterns or dew on leaves excite me. But they stir me to create and  I hope the paintings evoke an emotional connection with the viewer as well.

Jan Jahnke earned a BFA from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. After teaching there for 10 years, she now works full time as an artist in her Wisconsin studio. Her work is in numerous residential and corporate collections including The Mayo Clinic, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, US Chemical, and Blue Cross-Blue Shield.