James Koconis

Professionally, I have kept myself busy for nearly half a century in the world of either fine art or commercial graphic design. I have owned several art galleries, picture frame shops, screen printing and display design firms, interior design and construction companies as well as a sign painting business. I’ve done a good amount of theatrical design work as well – both artistic and industrial. 

Through it all I have found time to pursue my interest in oil painting, occasionally exhibiting my work at galleries and art fairs in Wisconsin, including the Milwaukee Lakefront Festival of the Arts, the Lentz Gallery, and galleries in Mineral Point. I am also a guest artist on southwest Wisconsin’s annual Fall Art Tour.

I have typically worked in a representational style unless commissioned to produce commercial murals or graphics requiring another treatment or personality. I have been especially drawn to creating portraits as I find the most wonderful and exciting location in all the universe is the human face. More recently, my paintings include an exploration of the nature of the abstract elements and forms that compose and underpin all that we see. More often than not, this exploration reveals a universal harmony that is as dynamic as it it subtle.

It seems to me that the duty of a painter is to extract these harmonies and represent them as a humble discovery for all to enjoy and wonder over.