Gail Nelson

As important as inspiration and creativity, so is the understanding and love of one’s materials. There is something miraculous about fusing glass to metal to create a new entity. The two materials when fired correctly will remain in their state without fading or degenerating for centuries to come. I enamel on silver, copper and steel. In some of my work, 24K gold, mica and other materials are also fused into the glass. Enameled pieces require multiple firings at 1350° – 1550° often as many as 20 times until the desired results are achieved. Often, these enamels are incorporated into my wood turned objects.  I enjoy the challenge of finding wood to compliment the enamels and vice versa.   My ideas generally evolve from thoughts about the natural world, although the work will often be abstract in character. It is about revealing small pieces of information – the underlying significance of the organic minutia and the beauty and comfort it provides when observed. As the creative process takes over, these raw ideas continue to transform during the multiple applications of glass and firings as well as turning of the wood. Both the technical and artistic endeavor are exciting and challenging.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind.