Faith Frykman

I am a painter. I use acrylic, or oil and oil pastel/bars/sticks. Sometimes I use brushes although usually the best tools are my fingers and thumbs with an occasional scraper of some sort. During the past year, however, I produced a body of work using pen and ink colorized with Prismacolor and Promarkers, and experimented with cold wax.

I have been a painter since childhood. (Mother was an art teacher and painter, and Aunt Florence Gray a successful sculptor. One could say, it’s in our blood.)  I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, and then I owned a small art gallery for a few years. But I spent the rest of my working years in the non-art corporate world, only painting in spurts, part-time – evenings and weekends. So, you can imagine, I can hardly express how happy I am to be painting full-time now.

 I’ve painted portraits, landscapes, birds and animals, even cars and Airstreams but often my paintings return to abstracted reality.