Dianne Martia

I always felt art was something that linked our essence with our physical being. Whatever I express in my work — ideas, memories, emotions, feelings — I express in subtle ways through color, form, symbols, relationships or contrasts. These things seduce our attention through a silent language that we all speak.

Time and space have always intrigued me, and are often depicted in my work through imagery, surface treatment, or the layering of objects and textures. I often combine contemporary elements with ancient script or symbols to hint of arcane knowledge and the cycle of new emerging from old. I apply the media to build layer upon layer, bringing the final image into focus while creating an historical record of each layer. My process is of adding and subtracting to the layers, covering up or exposing sections.

The connective field of energy that I believe surrounds everything finds its way into my work through overlapping planes, transparent images and intermingling colors. the works assume a meditative nature that translates as timeless yet ephemeral. My ideas come from many sources, and I often don’t know how a painting will develop. My current focus is on place, characterized by landscape. The concept of “place” having “being” intrigues me. Like the layering that happens in my work — light, atmosphere, time, space and events all imprint their energy into place, so that each encounter with it evokes a sense of both familiarity and mystery.