Debbe Horgan

Welcome to the world of art jewelry. I have been the designer and owner of Rock Place Originals for almost 25 years. My work showcases the natural beauty of gemstones and fossils. Using the basic elements of design, I feel that my jewelry captures the glorious and playful essence of nature in the pins, pendants, necklaces and bracelets I share with my customers. Using a variety of textures, colors and shapes, each piece of jewelry is quite distinctive ~ art that must be seen and worn to be appreciated.

An important aspect of every artist’s style is a studio that nurtures innovation and inspiration. My studio is a spiritual and motivating space where I am surrounded by an abundance of treasures from nature.

Creativity is inherent in my family. Growing up in Port Washington, my mother provided the inspiration and encouragement with her own unique style as an artist and both of my sisters are creatively motivated – one as a gifted pastel artist and the other as a talented primary school art teacher.