Dan Wieske

Dan grew up in a household of professional chefs. His early years were influenced by the creative clatter in the kitchen. Lots and lots of spoons, spatulas, pots and pans.

Shape, color and natural design elements have always been a part of his life. Beginning as an apprentice carpenter in Montana after service he acquired skill and experience for creative wood working. Then he became a custom mold maker and moved on to related industries. As his skills grew so did his passion to create. He found an outlet in functional custom kitchenware with an artistic flair. Dan believes everyday work items should have art value. Dan’s work is functional as well creative.

Another ongoing influence in Dan’s work is his wife Karen of 30+ years. Her background in art education is called upon to critique design elements and refine shapes.

Inspiration is found in nature with its flowing shapes, tactual surfaces and subtleties of color. Fascinations with geometric shapes influence wooden board designs, from quilting patterns to mosaic floor tiles.

The custom wood items Dan creates incorporates various contrasting woods. The use of any and all shop tools are utilized in creating his designs. Dan works with a passion for detail allowing the beauty of wood to emerge as a functional showpiece for your home or business.