Dan “Sully” Sullivan

All too often, old pieces of wood get looked upon as weathered, warped, splintered, or cracked.  Those of us challenge by adversity some-times get viewed in a similar way.  Through art however, any object or individual can become revived, reshaped, & refined.  Such is the case for Boonducks, as it applies to both the hatcher & hatched. 

Due to 50+ years of vision loss from macular degeneration, Northwoods artisan & author, D.S. Sully, describes himself as creatively “out of sight”.  Known as “Stargardt’s, his vision impairment affects the central acuity, that which is most often relied on for detail work & reading.  Instead, Sully utilizes peripheral acuity to emphasize animated contours & contrasts.   While doing so, he employs the same methods & hand tools as old world artisans.  Resulting from a unique perspective and inspirational representation, Sully’s waterfowl folk art reflects the way he sees the winged world around him. 

Boonducks begin in the boondocks.  Migrating from the rustic backroads & backwaters of rural Wisconsin, these caricatures of nature are hatched out of barn beams, cabin timbers, pier pilings, & other vintage wood.  This year Sully is creating a series of “Barnies” from Woodwalk/Door County barn wood.