Claudia Scimeca

Labels and titles should not define the person.  We are all creatives at heart.  It is up to each of us to free that creative energy and watch what happens. 

My life has been a series of small creative bursts but it is only recently that I have found an art form that has allowed me to break down many of the self-made walls I have erected that limited creative energy. 

Acrylic pours and fluid art provide for me, an opportunity to experience the best combination of left and right brain energy.  The very precise mixing of color and water and additives appeals to my scientific left brain.  The blending of carefully chosen colors in just the right proportion and watching the magic begin is where the crossover between left and right brain magic begins.  Manipulating the colors on the substrate is inexplicably satisfying.  Having let go of my left brain’s hold on me, I tilt, and brush and swipe and hammer and drag the colors letting my hand move to the rhythm of my right brain’s beat. 

It is in this moment that I have found my happy place….