Bonnie Dhein

I have created art thought out my life in different media but started to focus on painting in 2008.  I fell in love with the fact that I am in complete control of how I could manipulate the color on canvas. I strive to create works that are emotional and rhythmic. My goal for each painting is always to keep the viewer engaged and mesmerized with rich color and lavish texture with a bit of a vibrating quality.

People have always been interested in the human form and the secret stories they tell.My goal is to convey a portrait or figure painting expressively by interrupting my subjects. I do this with aggressive use of texture through bold colors, mark making and determined brushstrokes. I create emotion by directly linking abstract concepts and undefined shapes with tangible subjects. The technical ability and accuracy are a requisite but have less importance to me than the conveyance of my experience and feelings. It is my intention to leave the viewer in a state of some curiosity…some emotion….some ambiguity …in contrast to identifying the subject.

Willing to be chaotic and exposed, my work is totally open to letting something new emerge even though I have laid in the realistic subject. I am only done when I feel like I have a balance between the raw subject’s refinement of the form the viewer expects and the interaction of the abstract. As I paint I have stripped away from how I imagine the artwork will look when it is finished, I solely paint from within. We should all have the experience of more than our sense of sight when we see art.