Ann Fahl

Ann Fahl has been sewing since the age of 12. Her parents were classically trained, professional musicians. As the oldest of three sisters she was expected to take piano lessons; and later learned to play the cello. Her parents impressed upon her the importance of finding a passion and it wasn’t music, it was fiber arts, and the most important was sewing.

Like most teenage girls, she became very interested in clothing and fashion and from that age on she made her own clothing. By the time she entered the University of Wisconsin, she was sure that sewing and clothing would lead her to a career in business and retailing and it did but in 1978, she finally took the beginning quilting class that changed her life forever.

In her early years, quilts never interested Ann, even though she grew up with old quilts on the beds at her grandmothers’ homes. From the first night of the quilting class, she realized that this new media allowed her to put all of her loves together: sewing, color, texture, shape, thread and fabric. She could experiment and sew as she developed her own designs and ideas instead of using traditional blocks. A whole new world and career opened up for her!