Anke Korioth

My paintings are filled with rich and vibrant colors, varied depths and striking lines. My abstract impressionistic paintings integrate the chaos, connection and close proximity absorbed from her travels around the world and her European roots.

In my paintings I consider the relationship between abstraction and representation, exploring a fusion of both elements. I completely paint from my imagination. Except guided by a photographic image I approach a painting without pre-conceived ideas about the finished product. I’ll let my intuition guide the brush, using a blend of abstractions and realistic photographic elements, attempting both a mental and physical environment.  I am continually challenging myself with new ideas and materials. For me, painting is an experience in liberation, the chance to express myself through a language free of pressure. Even though my work is very personal, every individual can easily find something of themselves.

I want my work to reflect a moment in time, to tell a story, to give pause for contemplation.