Kirsten Christianson

My work is interwoven with the place and community where I live – in Algoma, Wisconsin where the Ahnapee River joins Lake Michigan.  Here, the land, sky and water make an impression and remind me of my original home living close to a similar Eastern landscape not far from where the Mohawk and Hudson River come together.  I take from these things a certain way of seeing and it comes up in my art work..  Natural materials are used – grasses, wood, stone, leaves, clay, plants and handmade paper – to express their own integrity.  If the artwork could speak it would be about process. Sometimes I don’t totally understand what I do, but the understanding comes later from the piece itself..  How the materials are used  can be symbolic – like the hoops formed from willow which frame the piece;  it is a circle or mandala.  

 Now that  I have grown older I see a greater simplicity in what I see and do.  There is an appreciation for the most simple subtle  leaf  pattern as well as a reckoning with being part of the experience of living close to the ever changing life and death cycle in Nature which is precious and sacred.