2017 Excitement

Woodwalk Gallery is in full swing planning the 2017 season with lots of surprises in store! We are pleased to announce we are expanding our artist group to bring us up to well over 60 amazingly talented artists with a wide range of medium. We are expanding our exhibit platform to include 2 more major exhibits and several “pop-up” shows. Make sure you allow enough time not only to take in the gallery but to also enjoy Andrew’s burgeoning gardens and trails as he expands our Woodwalk Trail where enchantment will begin to grow as well. And don’t forget the fabulous music featuring Jeanne Kuhn’s concert series on Friday night and Midsummer’s Music Festival on 4 select Sundays. Jeanne never disappoints with original talent every week. Enjoy your picnic in our backyard with beverages and dessert for sale. Midsummers Music will again feature 4 of our artist’s with musically inspired original work unveiled at the concert. Watch for the 2017 schedule by May 1st or sooner. We look forward to seeing you this coming season!



PATTERN OF LIFE II Julia Van roo Bresnahan