Woodwalk Rustics

Woodwalk Rustics at Woodwalk Gallery

Woodwalk Rustics: Design and Construction team – Andrew and Jillaine

Salvage, Recycle, Repurpose, Sustainable

Our mission is to provide our customers with a sustainable product using local resources that find a new life in our artful and natural furniture. Only fallen trees are used in combination with scrap, reclaimed or some new lumber.  To add to the mix, Andrew has been methodically taking down a local 100 year old barn and throws in welding skills, so many of our pieces have included metalwork as well. We work as a team to construct, fabricate and finish each piece to your measurements with our design flourish right at the Woodwalk property. 

Our focus will be around dining, console, accent and coffee tables. In addition, we will include free-standing islands and simple desks – BUT – you never know what we might try so don’t hesitate to ask – we just might!

We hope you enjoy these artful pieces as much as we enjoy making them! Our furniture is primarily made to order and we will continue to add new photos of unique one of a kind pieces. 

For more information contact us at magic@woodwalkgallery.com.

Wood Species List as of February 2018