In The Gallery

Featuring over 70 local and regional artists with work ranging from watercolor and oils to encaustics, metal work, wood, glass and pottery. We believe variety is indeed the spice of life and seek to share with you abundant talent in many different styles and pricepoints. All of this set in the charming setting of a historical barn and surrounding lush landscapes. Come enjoy all that Woodwalk has to offer! New this year, we are offering a lay away option, we have additional works for many artists, not hung so can show you more and our artists would love to create the perfect piece just for you if you are looking for something particular in size or color. We will also deliver larger works to the radius of Chicago to Minneapolis.

Now to all of the excitement for 2017:

                                                                Primary Exhibits

May 11-21 Bloomin’ Jewels

Featuring: Helena Appleton, Becky Britton, Robin Fleming, Barb Henderson,

Linda Le Clair, Diane Kirkland

Saturday May 13 – Reception 1-3pm with lite refreshments and treats

May 27-July 4  The Soul Within

Featuring:  Beki Borman, Cathy Jean Clark, Simon Levin, Mary Mendla

Sunday May 28 – Reception 4:30-7pm with beverages and hors d’hoeuvres

 music by Hans Christian 5-7pm.

July 7-Aug 13 Kaleidoscope

Featuring:  Barb and Doug Henderson, Terra Paulsen-Chmiewlewski, John Davenport, Kent Williams

Sunday July 9 – Reception 4:30-7pm with beverages and hors d’hoeuvres

 music by George Sawyn 5-7pm.

 Aug 18-Sept 24 Respect the Whimsical

Featuring:  Sandra Pape, Dale Smith, Tracy Smoll, Laura Lein-Svencner

Sunday Aug 20 – Reception 4:30-7pm with beverages and hors d’hoeuvres

 music by George Sawyn 5-7pm.

Sept 29-Oct 29 The Eye of Nature

Featuring:  Tom Linden, Tracy Anderson, Richard Bell Smith

Friday Sept 29 – Reception 4:30-7pm with beverages and hors d’hoeuvres

 “PoP-Up Art” Exhibitions

June 23-July 2 Botanical Artistry

Featuring: local floral designers translating their favorite art into breathtaking displays

Friday June 25 – Reception 4-6pm

                                                       July 22-Aug 6  Quilting Savvy

Co-curated with Catherine Davidson

Featuring:  Sonji Hunt, Ann Fahl, Kent Williams and local Laurie Moegenberg

Sunday July 23 – Reception 3-5pm with beverages and hors d’hoeuvres

                                                      Sept 23-Oct 8 The Artful Table

Featuring:  local retailers Crickets, Natureworks, Maxwells and more with art inspired tableware

 Woodwalk’s 2017 Artists

Jennifer Albright
Pamela Anderson
Tracy Anderson
Wendell Arneson
Kelly Monday
Christy Kelly-Bentgen
Beki Borman
Terry Boyle
Julia Bresnahan
Becky Britton
Terra Paulsen Chmielewski
Kirsten Christianson
Cathy Jean Clark
Charlotte Cziperle
John Davenport
Colin Donnelly
Terri Einer
M. Virginia Epps
Ann Fahl
Terry Fisher
Robin Fleming
Gary Hanks
Barb and Doug Henderson
Dean Hoegger

Stephanie Holznecht
Sister Carla Huebner
Sonji Hunt
Pat Huss
Tom Jenz
Jan Jahnke
Niki Kaftan
Diane Kirkland
Linda Le Clair
Simon Levin
Elizabeth Levitski
Tom Linden
Cynthia Linnabary
Margaret Lockwood
Tom Maakestad
Dianne Martia
John McGee
Mary Mendla
Marge Moriarity
Mark Motquin
Gail Nelson
Colette Odya Smith

Barabara Ottum
John Pahlas
Sandra McCutcheon Pape

Jim Rericha
Lewis Risenhoover
Kristi Roenning
Stella Rogers
Ram Rojas
Dennis Salaty
Brian Sauerland
Lynn Schoenecker
Sue Seeger
Joe Singewald
Richard Bell Smith
Dale Smith
David Smith
Tracy Smoll
Steve and Arlene Stanger
Alfred Stark
Brian Sullivan
Laura Lein-Svencner
Dale Vanden Houten
Dan Wieske
Kent Williams
Anita Winkler

Jill Woodford