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Door County, Wisconsin

Door County, Wisconsin
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woodwalk galleryMargaret Lockwood, Artist

WELCOME to Woodwalk…Woodwalk Gallery, Margaret’s straw-bale studio, Theater M, Woodwalk Events, and our beautiful farm and 1890s revitalized Door County barn. We invite you to visit us year around in our location at 6746 County Road G, between Carlsville and Egg Harbor.

Woodwalk features a soaring setting for Margaret's ethereal works and those of 47 exciting artists in various media. 

Scroll down for our 2014 events that are open to the public and join us for any or all of them!                                                                           

Margaret and Allin

Download our 2014 invitation - click here


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Download our 2014 invitation - click here

2014 Woodwalk Events for the Public:
Join us for any or all!

Sunday, May 18 5:30 - 6:30 Peg Bresnahan reception, book signing and reading from her new book
“In A Country None Of Us Called Home” - food and beverages

Thursday, May 22 4:30- 6:30 Opening Reception for “Donna Brown Solo” at the Door Peninsula Winery with music
performed by Kalen Keir, saxophone - food and beverages provided by DPWinery

Sunday, May 25 4:30 – 6:30 Grand Opening Reception: Margaret Lockwood “New Works” and
the original paintings, photographs, poetry and music for
the book “Suggestions Of A Correspondence” by
Margaret Lockwood, Rolf Olson and Midsummer’s Music.
Reception music performed by the Door County Ukulele Society - food and beverages

Sunday, July 6 4:30 – 6:30 Opening Reception “Tom Maakstad and Dianne Martia: Real and Imagined”
Food, beverages, music and artist’s talks

Friday, August 8
7:00 CD Release reception – Krista Detor “Flat Earth Diary”
Sunday, August 10 4:30 – 6:30 Opening Reception “Woodwalk Gallery 20 x 20” – food, beverages and music

Thursday, August 21 4:30 – 6:30 Opening Reception for “Dale Vanden Houten solo” at the
Door Peninsula Winery - with music , food and beverages provided by DPWinery

Sunday, September 7 4:30 – 6:30 Opening Reception for “Woodwalk Gallery Studio Show: Handmade Paper,
Basketry, Print Making” with music, food and beverages – Kirsten Christianson, Sally Everhardus and
Donna Brown. Wood turning demo by Kelly Bresnahan.

Thursday, October 16 4:30 – 6:30 Opening reception “Door County Landscapes” at Door Peninsula Winery

Thursday, May 29; Friday, May 30; Sunday, June 1- $20
"Sing-Along Doctor Zhivago OR Leaving On A Slow Train"
Our 6th Annual Fractured Classic featuring Leif Erickson, Jennifer Erickson
and the Lockwood Family Players - Singing leader: Kimberly Jensen -
Vodka and Tea reception following

6:30 Sunday, August 3 – Door Shakespeare Gala

7:30 Thursday, October 2 – Sunday, October 5
and Thursday, October 9 – Sunday, October 12

Theatre M presents
Currently scheduled to be a series of readings of Door County written or inspired original plays

Sunday, June 22, 7:30 $30/ $10 students “Expressive Utterances”
Adagio in F, K 580 A - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – English Horn, Violin, Viola and Cello
Sextet from the opera “Capriccio” – Richard Strauss – 2 Violins, 2 Violas & 2 Cellos
Nonet in F Major, Opus 31 – Ludwig Spohr – Winds and Strings

Sunday, June 29, 7:30 $30/$10 students “Classically Romantic”
Quartet in A Major, Opus 145, No. 3 – Ferdinand Ries – Flute, Violin, Viola & Cello
Quintet Number 2 in B-Flat Major, Opus 87 – Felix Mendelssohn – 2 Violins, 2 Violas, & Cello
Sextet Number 2 in G Major, Opus 36 – Johannes Brahms - 2 Violins, 2 Violas & 2 Cellos

Sunday, July 13, 7:30 $30/ $10 students “Sonorous Strings”
Intermezzo – Anton Bruckner – 2 Violins, 2 Violas & Cello
Quintet – Andreas Romberg – Clarinet and String Quartet
Sextet – Rheinhold Gliere – 2 Violins, 2 Violas & 2 Cellos

Friday, September 12, 7:30 $30/ $10 students
Questions? 920-854-7088; Purchase tickets online: www.MidsummersMusic.com

Friday, September 12, 7:30 $30/ $10 students
Questions? 920-854-7088; Purchase tickets online: www.MidsummersMusic.com

Dan Navarro is playing on July 18th and Small Forest is on the 11th of July

Celebrating 10 years of the Jeanne Kuhns Concert Series

June 20: Michael Smith- songs of life: hilarious/ poignant/sweet... a show that will fill your heart…

June 27: Corky Seigel and Howard Levy- two masters of harp/ piano/ harmonica…

July 4 PICNIC starts at 5:00; 6:30: Copper Box- roots: Americana/Conjunto/Zydeco – fun, fun, fun!

July 10 Thurs: Roger Kuhns Niagara Escarpment Monologue with Robin Bienemann
performing his mix of original music, catchy tunes and dry humor

July 11: Small Forest- Jeanne, MaryBeth and Patrick make exquisite harmonies and poetry

July 18: Dan Navarro- rich with insight and life experience, folk/rock guitar/ dobro/ mandolin

July 24 Thurs: and July 25 Friday: Eric Lewis and Rory Hoffman- an exceptional bluegrass/ country style show
by two Tennessee masters

August 1: Sons of The Never Wrong- storytellers that fill the room with energy and musical love
August 8: Krista Detor CD Release- “Flat Earth Diary” – a visceral musical journey that heightens all the senses – PARTY!

August 15: Eddie Smith and Tommy Burroughs- close your eyes and ride along with the masters!

August 22: Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer- intricate weavings of harmonies and powerful vocals

August 29: Wise Women and dance by Andria Nikoupolis-Weliky- Jenny, Jeanne, MaryBeth and Dorothy:
soaring voices, unique guitar styles and beautiful interpretative dancing

September 3 Wed: Katie Dahl and Jimmy Kaplan- rich lyrics and melodies, AFT root

September 4 Thurs: Tomcat Joe, Jay Whitney and Paul Sowinski- rockin’ bluesy, soulful, Big Mouth root

Sept. 5 Fri: Chris Irwin and Friends- southern style bluegrass with a little rock tossed in

For more info, go to Jeannekuhns.net – all concerts (unless otherwise noted) Friday at 7:00- $18.
For reservations including Season Passes call Woodwalk @ 920-868-2912 –
bring a picnic dinner for the outside or wine and appetizers for the inside (reservation needed).
Sponsored in part by the Door County Land Trust

May 18-19 Shepherd’s Market
Sun. June 9 7:00 Kim Souther and Sacia Jerome present “Dueling Cellos”
Mon. July 22 Peninsula School of Art Plein Aire Festival Paint-IN
Sun. Aug. 4 6:00 Door Shakespeare “A Night In Navarre”

Coordinated by Kirsten Christianson

The Center for Handmade Paper at Woodwalk offers classes and workshops that promote handmade paper
as an art form and means of creative expression. Kirsten Christianson, coordinator, is an environmental artist who invites students to
experiment with wild fibers, local plants, branches and stones in making note cards, art objects and paper sheets.

Every class is self-contained and is also interrelated to the other classes. Participants will use local resources
for ideas and as materials to combine with handmade paper.
Special classes can be arranged for groups of friends or families from May- October.
By special arrangement the facility and equipment are available for private use.

Summer 2014 classes include (usually $10/hr + materials cost):

Thurs July 3, Aug 28; Fri June 27, Aug 29 Open Studio
Wednesdays July 30, Aug 20 Mask Making
Wednesdays June 19, July 9; Thurs June 12, July 31 Learning the Basics
Wednesday July 23 & Thurs. July 24 Pressing Matters: printmaking/ monotypes
Wednesday July 16 & Thur July 17 Having Fun With Color
Tuesday – Thur August 5,6,7 The Wild Plants of Door County
Thursday – Sat Sept 11,12,13 Handmade Paper intensive

Friday afternoons at the Paper Studio, May 17 – October 18 by appointment

Grandparents, Parents and Children, Fridays May 16 thru October 17

Descriptive brochure available. For more information contact Kirsten at 920-559-0585 or kcchristian@itol.com.

Coordinated by Sally Everhardus
Sally is an artist who uses a number of different media through which to express her often humorous
and colorful thoughts. Summer make and take sessions in basket making, three dimensional explorations in
paper and mask making, and using natural color on silk and in paper to combine the practical with the creative.

Build your own party and Open Art Making by appointment.
Bring lunch and a beverage.
$10/hr per person except otherwise noted. Materials fees vary.
920.839.2919, sallyeverhardus@yahoo.com and mention basketry in the subject line.

June 12 Pounded Ash Basketry. 10a-3p. Make a basket in the Native American way
June 13
Pounded Ash Basketry. 10a-3p. Native American ash basketry session 2
June 19 Berry Basket! 10a-2p. A basket that’s practical for the garden, pretty for the table
June 27 Gourd Vessels and Objects. 10a-2p. Ancient ideas updated using modern materials
July 9-11 Chair Caning. 10a-2p. Turn that old chair into a piece that’s useful and beautiful
July 17 Garden Gathering Basket. 10a-3p. Fill in the garden, wash outside and take to the kitchen!

July 20 Colorful Woven Paper Baskets. 10-3 or 4p. Make a cat head basket in collaboration with Megan Dietz. $55;

July 24 Birch Bark Basket. 10-noon or 1p. Make a small basket of birch bark. $6 material fee;

July 30 Mask Making and a Performance! 10a-2p. A collaboration with Sally Everhardus, Kirsten Christiansen and Mary White of Theatre M;

August 7 Plaited Cattail Basket or Mat. 10a-2p. Use natural materials to make useful objects;

August 20 Mask Making and a Performance Redux! 10a-2p. A collaboration with Sally Everhardus,
Kirsten Christiansen and Mary White of Theatre M. $55;

August 26 Handmade Paper Bowl. 10-noon. Make paper with Kirsten on Monday and
then make a bowl with Sally on Tuesday! (Can be taken independently);

August 28 Sculptural Paper Vessels and Forms. 10-1. Combine paper and basketry to create texture and narrative.

September 11 Free Form Basketry. 10a-2p. Break the “rules” and play with form and texture;

September 12 Natural Dyed Silk. 10a-1p. Three scarves in two hours — to wear or give. $30 all inclusive.

September 13 Handmade Paper Intensive Day 3. 10a-2p.
A collaborative with Sally Everhardus and Kirsten Christiansen will focus
the application of natural dyes to handmade paper. $146 for all three days.

Door County, Wisconsin
The Work of Margaret Lockwood
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